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Crown iTech Amplifiers

Smashwolf Productions is proud to offer the Crown iTech series of power amplifiers.

The Crown® I-Tech Series offers amazing power, light weight and ease of use for touring sound applications. Unlike other amplifiers it includes onboard DSP, an LCD control screen, and a built-in network connection. Modern power amplifiers are sophisticated pieces of engineering capable of producing extremely high power levels. 

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Smashwolf productions is proud to call the JBL SRX 700 series our flagship line of PA speakers.


For over a decade, JBL SR and SRX series speakers have represented the best performance, highest  quality, and most advanced driver technology available to portable PA users. The SRX700 Series continues that tradition and moves the bar even higher. The advanced technology of SRX700 Series speakers delivers the power and performance that you would expect from the highest quality professional rig. At the same time JBL innovation and design have reduced system weight so load in and out are a breeze. All this performance is housed in rugged birch enclosures for years of superb performance.

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Live Streaming

We have all expertise and equipment to stream your event live to the web and capture it for posterity.  We can give your event a broadcast quality polished professional look that will set your event apart, showcase your brand, and excite your viewers.   

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022