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Live Streaming

We have all expertise and equipment to stream your event live to the web and capture it for posterity.  We can give your event a broadcast quality polished professional look that will set your event apart, showcase your brand, and excite your viewers.   


Our tricaster package comes equipped to handle up to 8 cameras, 2 laptop (network) sources, and a 40x40 HDSDI router that gives you the ultimate in flexibility.  

LiveText application screen shot

Custom titling can be added to your production on the TriCaster, as well as externally using the LiveTEXT real-time titling application.  With advanced notice we can even create custom animated transitions and graphics featuring your company logo designs.

Virtual sets are also available.  With virtual sets you can have hosts and guests appear in the same room even if they are miles apart.  Chose from one of many stock sets or we can create a custom set for your show.  

Isolation Recording lets us capture all 8 inputs and record them synchronized with SMPTE time code.  This allows for post-production editing of live events to showcase all possible angles.  It allows us to quickly re-edit a "live recorded" event after the fact. We can capture the action with up to 8 angles in high definition, stream, and record it for play back and editing later.

Our expert operators with Sony CineAlta cameras and a RTS Intercom system your show will take on the look and feel of a multi-million dollar broadcast production at a fraction of the cost.


Wednesday, January 26, 2022